Embrace Grace-

When I am intimately and closely connected to God, I give freely and easily to others. When I make time daily, to lean into Jesus, my heart stretches and grows and I have more of myself to give to others. During these rich times, I effortlessly provide care and love to those around me. I embody the fruits of the Spirit and my actions demonstrate patience, joy and love.
Grace is what moves me, Grace is what saves me and grace is what binds me to my Father. It takes spiritual maturity to forgive and let go and it is the power of God’s grace that allows this to occur.

Is my marriage grace filled? Are my interactions with my kids full of grace? Do I give grace to my coworkers and neighbors? Do I allow grace to infiltrate my home and my life and my daily actions? Do I know that grace is unmerited forgiveness and love, offered freely. Do I understand that I have been saved by Grace and as a woman of God, I am called to give it abundantly.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.
2 Peter 1:2

Prayer-Precious Father, when I feel anxious or afraid, exposed or vulnerable-I am ok only by the power of Your grace. When I feel the sting from another’s hurtful words or actions, I know I have You and Your grace and I can breathe again. You offer a life full of grace and sacrifice and that is where I choose to align my heart. Without grace, I can’t keep going, I can’t try again, I can’t forgive and I can’t strive to glorify You. You make the sun shine, the birds sing and the oceans tide. You give me love and grace and it is my desire to give that same to others. Help me daily to live this out. 
In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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