Examining your heart is like examining your muffin’s ingredient list…

I studied the list of ingredients that would be going into my body, before I ate the muffin.

“Do these items improve my health or simply fill my belly”…I wondered.

Do you evaluate your food as if each bite has life or death consequences? Do use scrutiny like a fine tool that inspects the quality of what is nothing more than nutritional sustenance?

When we look to examine the ingredients in our favorite foods, we asess the nutritional value to our body and make judgements on the way that food influences our health. We might opt for the item that is made of whole grains, non-GMO products and “all organic”, when we are tuned in and making smart choices.

Do you examine your heart like you examine your food?

Did you know the health of our spiritual heart is powered by our intentions-either selfish or selfless?

Do you know the health of your heart reaches far greater depths and has the power to influence another, with even the tiniest of gestures?

Which end of the spectrum do you fall into?

As humans we are selfish by nature. We have years of practice, in disguising our selfishness with “good” intentions.

It takes deep honesty with our inner selves to inspect the meaning behind our actions and words. We can cover our selfish intent so it is fully hidden from the world.

But…Jesus knows.

He sees us, he knows our hearts and we can’t hide from him. He blesses us when our selfishness is exposed and displayed-if we allow it to change our course and bless someone else.

We must constantly assess our true intentions, in all that we do. Because like a cookie that tastes good and is full of processed and unhealthy things, so can be our intentions that are selfishly masked to taste and look divine. It is these very intentions that influence our words and behaviors that are splayed out and directly affect those around us.

When we use sarcasm or snarky tones, are we trying to belittle or make the other person feel inadequate, shamed or devalued?

Are my words life giving and encourageing or riddeled with sarcasm and subtle hints of shame directed at another? Like the ingrediants in our food, are the words and actions movitavted by my heart-whole and pure? Do they breathe life and uplift or leave someone doubting and deflated?

God calls us to look deeply and examine the motives in our heart. It is pleasing to our Father when we are postured toward serving others, breathing life and encouragement as we build up with love and kindness.

Kind words are like honey-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24 NLT

One thought on “Examining your heart is like examining your muffin’s ingredient list…

  1. Love this girl! Selflessness is how we were built to be! We are free in his world. Free to be the love he iS! Thanks for writing such intimate words that can open us up to life that is full!

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