I put on my chapstick-soothing, cooling and refreshing. I plug in my earbuds-turning up the tunes that inspire, encourage and move me. I allow the warm sun to radiate through my window and touch my cheek.

I am ready. I am ready to write, pour my heart out and let God fill in the blanks.

I am redeemed!

God has called me back. He never forgot me. Buried in my own shame and regret, blasted by a life full of this Earthly world-with only a small sliver of God present-my life was wrecked and his sounds were muffled.

But….he came back for me, I felt his hand reach down and lift me..he brought me back to life. He removed the stains and made me new.

I am redeemed!
And now… God will use me. He will use me to his glory- to love on and reach the lives of others. I hear him calling me. I hear him asking me to go further. I feel him moving me to step in closer, by living and loving well.

I am redeemed!

I will obey. I will follow this call.

I am redeemed!

Have I been chosen? Is this just luck or truly God’s blessings?

Or…is it because I suffered hard and prayed to God? Not only did I pray, I allowed our healer and great physician to wash me clean and redeem a broken life. I lifted my hands to a God who surrounded and loved me back to life. In the comfort of my Heavenly Father’s arms, he nursed me to healing. He restored the broken and made me a new being. He anointed me with the power of the Holy Spirit and transformed my heart.

I am redeemed!

And now… this obedient girl wants nothing more than to please her father with faithful obedience by living a holy and purposeful life as I sing the glory and praise of my Father.

This is me-I am redeemed!

Where are you today? What does God have burning in your soul? Are you listening for him? Will you accept his Will as your own and allow him to do more with the beauty he has gifted you with? Or…are you dancing in limbo-to afraid to step over the edge? Are you willing to walk boldly forward, surrounded by all of God’s glory-living fully and abundantly as a blessing to others?

I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you.
Isaiah 44:22

You are redeemed too!

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