When it doesn’t feel like an obligation…

let your dream be bigger than your fears signage beside plate with fruits
Do you have a passion, a hobby or a craft that you think about all day and can’t wait to “get to it”?
Is your desire for this activity so great that you find yourself distracted in the midst of taking care of life?
Could this be your calling, your purpose or your God-given gift?
I have a great desire to pour my heart onto paper and write…I feel the need to express my deep introspective thoughts and share these with others. God has embedded in me the need to share my words and share my heart. Writing becomes a way to seek intimate connection while encouraging and equipping my friends and readers.
It is hard to turn off.
It is actually hard to contain at times.
I find myself jotting down words, notes and thoughts~ when I am in the shower, when I am driving and at all other points during the day.
A fire has been lit, deep in my soul.
I know that by investing myself in this calling, I am living with God’s rich splendor and authenticity.
When we follow God’s calling, we become like trees rooted in fertile soil, bearing succulent fruit. We vessels of his love, able to scatter our seeds and bare more good fruits.   
God has a great purpose for each of us and this translates differently in our lives.
God asks us to step out in faith and take risks. He yearns for us to stop playing it safe.
Rest assure, there will be times that we doubt our direction. We will experience disappointment, ridicule, comparison and opposition from others. We may become idle or complacent as we coast through a dry season.
And…during these times we must remember, when we are walking aside our God, serving him with our lives and our God-given gifts, he is never disappointed.
The pride and joy he experiences, as we pursue HIS will, far exceeds any negativity we may encounter.
We must cast away any need for self-satisfaction or personal accolades for our riches will come from serving and abiding in our Father.
When we take a risk, we supply God with our empty arms of trust and we relinquish ourselves and our need to control the will of God.
A life with risk does not endorse a reckless life but rather… a life that is chartered by faith and security in our Heavenly Father.   
Are you honing your craft…flexing those muscles and strengthening your core?
Much like a garden that flourishes, our craft must be cultivated, enriched and nurtured.
“I press on toward the goal of the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
2 Thessalonians 1:11

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