Worry…the paralytic agent

A paralytic agent is a medication used to prevent muscle movement and often used during a surgical procedure.

For me, worry often works as something similar and never requires me to be in the surgical suite. When I worry, I tend to paralyze myself, preventing more than just muscle movement.. but movement of any kind at all. Paralyzed in fear, I sit and fret. I toss my list of things to do aside and remain frozen with my consuming thoughts of worry.

Just the other day, I had the afternoon in front of me. I had visions of sitting on the porch in the warm sun and pouring my heart out to my blog or investing in my current Bible study book. I looked forward to this afternoon of solitude and time with God.

And then~~~worry grabbed me. I discovered something concerning with one of my children. There I sat, frozen in fear as panic set in. I quickly tossed my good intentions of quiet time aside and began to fret~replaying scenarios, anticipating the worst and falling prey to the lies that filled my head.

The enemy had me. He knew right where to get me and how to trap me. He fueled my worry with feelings of regret and guilt. His only agenda is to kill and destroy. His tactics are subtle and often specific to our very individual weaknesses.

And worse than the time I lost to the enemy in that wasted afternoon, is the time I lost being filled up with Gods treasured Word of nourishment and comfort.

To the unbeliever, this can be devastating. Without the ability to see the truth and recognize the lies, they are held in his grip until the “worry passes”. Worry is crippling, it handicaps us and it increases our vulnerability to the enemy.

For Jesus, it is a treasure to carry our burdens. For he knows that when we trust him with our worries, we are living with faith. This is faith that is greater than any concern we may have.

Much like our sin, Christ absorbs our worry. He withstands the heat and takes the punches, while we are commissioned to do no more than stand by his side honor and glorify him.

When we stand near Jesus, we’ll stand tall as we breathe in the succulent scent of his love that repels all evil and darkness.

How does worry affect you? Are you able to quickly turn it off, recognizing the trap that it becomes? Or do you succumb to it, falling deeper into the rabbit hole, with each embellished thought?

Jesus is our rescuer, like the cross he carried on his back-he carries our worries. He wipes the slate clean and refreshes our burdened minds by offering us grace and forgiveness, with each burden we cast away.

Call him into your messy place today and allow him to free you from the confines of worry.

Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Mathew 11:28-30

2 thoughts on “Worry…the paralytic agent

  1. I was on Sunday, allow God to lift you out, even when you feel like resisting! This is the enemies best offensive trick!


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