2020 The Year of Prayer

Prayerful... That is the word I feel that God has laid on my heart as we close out this last day of 2019. But what exactly does prayerful mean and what does a prayerful life look like, I ask myself... Prayerful; adjective (of an action or event) characterized by or expressive of prayer."prayerful self-examination"(of a… Continue reading 2020 The Year of Prayer



Prayer-the intentional and willful act of pouring our hearts out to God. Prayer-our lifeline to the vein of our Heavenly Father. Prayer-a time to repent, remove and rectify our sin with God. Prayer-a time to renew, refresh and restore ourselves. Prayer-a conversation, a song in our heart, a plea, a word of thanks, a renewal… Continue reading Prayer


Spiritual Foundation

The trials that have been given to us by God, force us to squint our eyes and find him in the mess. Our trials give us reason to "need" God and look to him in dependency. Without difficulty, we are left without opportunity to increase our faith. These faith muscles are developed and built up… Continue reading Spiritual Foundation



In the morning-In the morning, the sun rises and the birds awake us. In the morning, our day lies out ahead of us fresh and untangled. In the morning, we are restored, refreshed and renewed. In the morning, we shall thank God for his mercies, thank God for opportunities and thank God for his blessings.… Continue reading Dawn


Embrace Grace-

When I am intimately and closely connected to God, I give freely and easily to others. When I make time daily, to lean into Jesus, my heart stretches and grows and I have more of myself to give to others. During these rich times, I effortlessly provide care and love to those around me. I… Continue reading Embrace Grace-