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swallowed whole be enveloped, to be encased, to be consumed, to be taken in Like a snake that dines on a live mouse, there is a struggle and a delayed death for the mouse. Likely the mouse experiences suffocation before finally falling into death. And on some days, this is how I feel about the people… Continue reading swallowed whole


I am laying down my sword

Marital conflict, it is by far one of the most stressful and heart breaking aspects of married life. We argue, we fight, we yell, we disconnect, we separate and we silently fume. When there is conflict with my husband~the man I think of as my Earthly King, I become a broken vessel. I want nothing… Continue reading I am laying down my sword


Embrace Grace-

When I am intimately and closely connected to God, I give freely and easily to others. When I make time daily, to lean into Jesus, my heart stretches and grows and I have more of myself to give to others. During these rich times, I effortlessly provide care and love to those around me. I… Continue reading Embrace Grace-