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swallowed whole be enveloped, to be encased, to be consumed, to be taken in Like a snake that dines on a live mouse, there is a struggle and a delayed death for the mouse. Likely the mouse experiences suffocation before finally falling into death. And on some days, this is how I feel about the people… Continue reading swallowed whole


Even the popular girl can feel left out

Photo by Pixabay on Recently my pre-teen daughter begged to skip school, on an upcoming field trip day. She is in, what is considered to be-- the "popular clique". And although considered "popular", she is not actually friended by girls outside of this group. You see, In middle school, it is all about your… Continue reading Even the popular girl can feel left out


Steeped in Humility-

Like I toddler, I spent 40 years insistent on doing things my way. I rejected the aid of others and believed that asking for help was an indication of weakness and failure. Pride and the need for perfection, got in the way of me and God. So I went it aloneā€¦ banging my head and… Continue reading Steeped in Humility-


The Good News-

As the eyes of my heart have opened, the love of God has flooded in. The wisdom and clarity of the Holy Spirit has corrected my foggy lenses. I am astounded as the Word of God has come alive in my life. Gods word is our living water, it restores, redeems and renews us. Although… Continue reading The Good News-



Prayer-the intentional and willful act of pouring our hearts out to God. Prayer-our lifeline to the vein of our Heavenly Father. Prayer-a time to repent, remove and rectify our sin with God. Prayer-a time to renew, refresh and restore ourselves. Prayer-a conversation, a song in our heart, a plea, a word of thanks, a renewal… Continue reading Prayer


Spiritual Foundation

The trials that have been given to us by God, force us to squint our eyes and find him in the mess. Our trials give us reason to "need" God and look to him in dependency. Without difficulty, we are left without opportunity to increase our faith. These faith muscles are developed and built up… Continue reading Spiritual Foundation