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swallowed whole be enveloped, to be encased, to be consumed, to be taken in Like a snake that dines on a live mouse, there is a struggle and a delayed death for the mouse. Likely the mouse experiences suffocation before finally falling into death. And on some days, this is how I feel about the people… Continue reading swallowed whole


Professional Over-reactor

Professional Over-reactor by SPIRITGIRL I admit, I might be a professional over-reactor~ Sometimes it is big things but often times it is the little things, that send me into a tizzy. When I over-react, I am responding emotionally, to something that upsets me and perhaps challenges me. It is often in these small mundane moments; with my kids,… Continue reading Professional Over-reactor


Jesus doesn’t waste an ounce of anything…

I have a lot of love to give, I know this about myself. I have a lot of energy to give, I know this about myself. I have a lot of guidance and wisdom to give, I know this about myself. I am a resourceful kind of person, a "do-er" if you will... You see,… Continue reading Jesus doesn’t waste an ounce of anything…



In the morning-In the morning, the sun rises and the birds awake us. In the morning, our day lies out ahead of us fresh and untangled. In the morning, we are restored, refreshed and renewed. In the morning, we shall thank God for his mercies, thank God for opportunities and thank God for his blessings.… Continue reading Dawn


Embrace Grace-

When I am intimately and closely connected to God, I give freely and easily to others. When I make time daily, to lean into Jesus, my heart stretches and grows and I have more of myself to give to others. During these rich times, I effortlessly provide care and love to those around me. I… Continue reading Embrace Grace-