Run to the place you feel judged…

I have found, that everything I’ve ever judged, God has brought back full circle, as a blessing in my life. From people to places to things.. In my life, I judged the very church that Saved me. I ridiculed the “rocking band”, mocked the casual atmosphere and vowed to “never go there”. Thank you Jesus… Continue reading Run to the place you feel judged…


Steeped in Humility-

Like I toddler, I spent 40 years insistent on doing things my way. I rejected the aid of others and believed that asking for help was an indication of weakness and failure. Pride and the need for perfection, got in the way of me and God. So I went it alone… banging my head and… Continue reading Steeped in Humility-



Tomorrow begins the Lenten period. When I think of Lent, I think of an awaiting, a period of preparation and a time to position my heart for the big event. Lent gives us 40 days to reflect in awe, on the amazing miracle that was performed to give us salvation and forgiveness. Lent is a… Continue reading Anticipation…



Like a shepherd that leads his flock, God goes before us, beckoning and calling us. This Shepard wants nothing more than to protect and care for his sheep. It is my human tendency to go astray and wonder off. When I wonder, I set myself up to be influenced and lead by other "false shepherds".… Continue reading Shepherd..



It takes daily prayer and continuous study of God's word, to have a heart that prays for; and forgives-our enemies. I have lived this and have experienced God breaking my heart, for what breaks HIS. I allowed Jesus to fill my heart with empathy and compassion for my enemy and in time... forgiveness flooded in.… Continue reading Soft..


The Good News-

As the eyes of my heart have opened, the love of God has flooded in. The wisdom and clarity of the Holy Spirit has corrected my foggy lenses. I am astounded as the Word of God has come alive in my life. Gods word is our living water, it restores, redeems and renews us. Although… Continue reading The Good News-



Prayer-the intentional and willful act of pouring our hearts out to God. Prayer-our lifeline to the vein of our Heavenly Father. Prayer-a time to repent, remove and rectify our sin with God. Prayer-a time to renew, refresh and restore ourselves. Prayer-a conversation, a song in our heart, a plea, a word of thanks, a renewal… Continue reading Prayer