An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans,

Can we all just STOP?

Can we all call a ceasefire on the division that is being fueled in our nation?

Can we recognize that there are antagonists that celebrate this division? 

Can we acknowledge that this is not what any of actually desires for our neighborhoods, our communities, our State and our Nation? 

Can we put aside our polarizing opinions and find comfort in the middle? 

Can we be OK with that fact that no one really wins when anyone looses? 

Can we appreciate our unique differences and celebrate them-even when our differences are unfamiliar, slightly foreign and probably uncomfortable to us? 

Can we embrace each other as fellow Americans, brother or sister, friend or neighbor…and treat each other with dignity and respect, as we expect to be treated?

What we have before us is an International Health Crisis in which large numbers of people are affected and even more are suffering. We have resources and dollars being stretched to the limits, we have systems that are overwhelmed and we have an unseen world unraveling before us.

And what we are “creating” is a nation even more divided, groups in opposition, sides that are blaming, and an overall- overarching blanket of negativity that fuels an already stoked and roaring fire.

Is this what anyone really needs?

Does division help us in any way? Is it productive, has it proven fruitful, does it increase peace and harmony?

The resounding answer is—-NO.

With an international pandemic and an uncharted health crisis affecting us all-can we just agree to disagree, with kindness and peace? 

Can we appreciate that everyone is doing what they feel is best, even if we feel differently?

Can we put aside judgement and commentary that only serves to cleave us as a nation of human beings that live and love, among-st each other? 

I don’t know how you identify yourself-in regards to; race, religion, political affiliation, gender or any other arbitrary demographic….

But I do know that we are one people- a nation made up of human beings with the freedom to express ourselves and the opportunity to treat each other as one family. A family that binds, that loves, that cares, that nurtures and that looks after each other. 

Can you make a pledge to put down your sword and use this global health crisis as an opportunity to look through a lens of health, viewing everyone as giving it their very best, in an unprecedented time of challenge and change? 

And can you pledge to lift each other up with thanks, encouragement, praise, empathy and understanding-even when that is hard to do?

Do you realize the shift that will occur in our World, our Culture and our Nation when each one of us begins to look toward each other as a friend, an advocate and a brother- of different but equal value?

And for anyone that believes this is a naive point of view-give it a try for a day and lets wait for a changed world. 

Success! You're on the list.

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