When you have to convince the dog you aren’t the bad guy, you might be the bad guy…

In my life, I have known someone that spends a lot of time convincing others that he is not the “bad guy”. He goes out of his way to explian why he is not guilty of, things others have held him responsible for.

And recently, I over heard him convincing my dog that he was “not the bad guy”(wait, what)??

I have learned the hard way that it is easier to own my actions, than explain them. Explaining or justifying them has the bitter taste of coffee without sugar. It has the pungent smell of shame and it chips away at the possibility of the good things that God can do with your life.

Owning our behavior is the first step in changing our behavior.

To repent; means to feel sincere regret or remorse about one’s actions. It means to “turn away” from one’s sin…

True change comes from repenting our sin and allowing God to transform our hearts.

And when we do, that behavior that we spent so much energy trying to change on our own…naturally falls away and we are given God’s new skill set for our lives.

So what I wish I could say, to the person that is still convincing, justifying, explaining and excusing is, “own your actions”...

And then surrender your life,,,surrender to the One who has the power to make you new.

Surrender to the One that forgives AND forgets

Surrender to the One who changes and cultivates lives with deep authentic meaning and all of the goodness that only HE can provide.

When you, own your actions, you acknowledge and take responsibility for them. This gives God the opportunity to step through the door of life and call you back. He forgives, he redeems and he puts us on Holy Ground.

You’re victory comes from releasing the very thing that holds you back. God wants to carry that for you so you live freely and without confinement.

What change in your life can put you on the path to victory by simply acknowledging your actions? How is God tapping on your shoulder today, to make that change?

My son give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my way. Proverbs 23:26 NIV

When we have freedom like an Eagle, we are know that we are good with God and therefore, we are GOOD!

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