Jesus doesn’t waste an ounce of anything…

I have a lot of love to give, I know this about myself.

I have a lot of energy to give, I know this about myself.

I have a lot of guidance and wisdom to give, I know this about myself.

I am a resourceful kind of person, a “do-er” if you will…

You see, Jesus created each of us with certain gifts. These gifts are treasured by him and designed uniquely for us. When he see’s his gifts being abused or wasted, he is grieved at the senselessness in that.

In me, Jesus created a caregiver. And more than just a desire, he made me someone who needs to care for and nurture others. He created me to be a wife, a mother, a nurse and a caretaker. I do this best by preparing meals, attending to the details of my loved ones lives, bandaging up cuts and scrapes, I give Motrin when needed and most of all I engage and work hard to enrich the lives of “my people”.

When I love~ I Iove large and and I love well.

Our energy, our desires and our passions, are our gifts from God. By investing in HIS work, we become vessels of his fruits and the catalyst for a life lived well, with richness and splendor. When we accept our desires and tendencies, as unique treasures bestowed on us by a Heavenly Father, we are able to recognize their irreplaceable worth.

Yet, there was a time in my life when these resources were wasted on someone who could not receive them.

So God moved me… he shifted me into a position where my love and care could be received, and bless those around me. He couldn’t waste me, waste the love that I had to give, waste the effort I poured into my relationships or, waste the time and attention I took, caring for~ and loving others.

The King’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord, he guides it wherever he pleases. Proverbs 21:1 NLT

And most importantly, he wouldn’t waste his divine creation that was uniquely crafted by HIM… for me.

God will remove things from our lives, replacing them with things that glorify HIS kingdom and reflect HIS will for our lives.

When we are idle or lazy, we exploit our riches by wasting our time and energy with little or nothing to show. We squander our time away with complacency as we reject what might seem challenging but will ultimately be the blessing that calls us home to our Father.

Do you feel like your “work” is your calling from God or simply a means to an end? Do you feel more like God’s dutiful employee or valued friend? If you could change your circumstances to do more of what you feel like God is calling you to do, and less of what you “have to do”, what would that look like and how can you get there?

God is your most patient listener, tell him your heart and allow him to help you~ make the necessary changes. 

God gives us desire, passion and fire. The desires of our heart are stoked by God and resisting them will only cause us strife. When we can acknowledge, accept and surrender to God’s calling on our lives, we live in peace and harmony~ knowing that we have pleased our Heavenly Father.

Have you considered your gifts? Do you realize the passion you have is something created by God~ uniquely for you?

No matter the size of the platform-be it big or small, it is God’s destiny for your life and therefore, perfectly crafted for You!

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