All that hides in darkness, has the potential to harm. When we allow light in and expose the ugly areas, we call in healing. The same is with our prayer life. When we expose our hearts and become vulnerable to God and those we love, we live an honest life and are ripe for healing. There is so much freedom to live that comes with exposing what is dark. In darkness we wither and die, in light we flourish and grow. God calls us to lean on him as our savior and redeemer, living honest and pure lives free from sin and harm. Daily this is a struggle. Daily we must work to overcome the snare of the enemy.

Daily we must stretch to reach God.. lean on Jesus and love and serve others.

Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light on my path
Psalm 119:105

Prayer-Father God, You are my healer. You bring light to what is dark and you make beauty from the ashes. You have called me to do great things and although some days that is challenging, I will always aim for more. Thank you for lifting me today when I started out down. Thank you for bringing peace and joy to my heart. Thank you for the beauty in nature that speaks to me so strongly-the deer in my yard this morning, the flowers I see beginning to bloom and the hearts for Valentines Day. Thank you for the small things that lift me when I want to feel down and discouraged.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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